Yeah, pretty much a pretty rough version of a song I'm working on, and I need some advice on how to improve it. I know currently that the mixing is bad so I'll fix on that, and some of the guitar solos are absolutely ****e, but meh, i'm not a solo kinda guy, so any advice is appreciated.

This song is near 27 minutes long, so meh, review it however you like. . Its designed to be listened to with RSE on, but if you don't have it, you'll probably have to fiddle around with the sound settings, mostly on the Lead Guitar.

Also if you want, you can review it on Acidplanet.

Oh, and as usual, C4C. Don't get upset if I don't respond immediately, I should get to you at some time in the near future.
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Well I can't say I enjoy this type of music, but it's pretty damn good anyway.
Okay, the intro is okay. I like the attempt at being dark with a touch of upliftedness, but it sounds way too much like a Nevermore song.

The guitar buildup took way too long for my tastes, and the chord choices were pretty mediocre.

The Main Riff was okay, but a little too derivitve for my tastes. Also, the drums didn't have RSE enabled. In fact, RSE was pretty bad for this, as some of the strings went out of time because you used RSE.

Was really boring until Main Riff 2. Verse 2 was okay, but nothing extraordinary, in fact so far this hasn't been too good. Pre-Chorus was what this needed, a simple interlude with the other instruments taking lead, and letting the song create its own atmosphere.

Chorus one was pretty kewl, nothing great, sounded like modern Sonata Arctica. Now that i listen to the Main Riff it sounds a lot like Dream Theater's "As I Am" just in a different key .

I really don't like how structured this is for a near half an hour long song. It's just simply shifting between the riffs and verses/choruses/etc. It just wanders, and then at Bar 187 it got so monotonous that I ahd to skip it. Seriously.

Pre-Solo Bridge was fitting, you just need a more interesting riff there. The Keyboard solo wanks its way out of nowhere, and totally catches you by surprise. In a bad way. The guitar solos so far have been mediocre, but #3 was very good and fittign with the song.

Then you decide to tak the Dream Theater route and throw some random scale exercise in the song. Bad. The following pre-chorus was not needed, just throw the chorus in after the scaling, it'll build more tension. The "Epix" part is when the song started to heat up. This is the kind of riffing the song needed.

It reminded me of Final Fantasy VIII's main battle theme, which is an awesome tune, so that is a major compliment.

But, glah! You throw the most random clean interlude in after that, which had a nonsense filler riff before it! Sorry man, but that was poor. The fourth guitar solo was okay, but a little too slow. the acoustics were good though.

The piano bridge was okay, but it seems like you're trying to make it this epic length. Which is a very bad thing. Cool bassy riff onwards was WAYYYY too happy sounding to fit with this song. Which, if that's what you're going for so be it, but I would never listen through this bit. > was REALLY out-of-the-blue.


You had a decent enough thing going, and then throw in your sub-par DT/Nevermore worship riff that went absolutely nowhere.

I will admit however, that the awesome riff was indeed awesome. Definitely the highlight of the song, as it mixed both the dark and uplifting moods portrayed here. Very powerful riff. Bridger was okay, but it did a good enough job of piecing the song together. Again with the unnecessary pre-chorus.

The outro was good enough, but nothing too exciting.

I would never listen to this again. Some parts are too derivitive, some are too mind-boggling bad, and some are just random. Sorry, but this sounds too bandaged together and incoherent (minus the awesome riff and everything following it).

6/10. I don't expect crits after harsh crits
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Slaytanic1993: OUCH, yeah that is a pretty harsh crit, and I feel like all my hopes and dreams hav ebeen shot down right before my eyes, but hey, at least it was constructive, and it shows me that I still have a long way to go.

Although I do personally disagree with some of your points, I agree with some also. Probably just because of different tastes, but yeah, some of the parts didn't really go anywhere, which I will learn from in future songs, and yeah, the main riff is kinda similar to "As I Am", but I didn't consciously attempt to rip it of, even though it is 1 of my favorite dream theater songs =). I also agree with the solos and the dream theater scale exercise comment, that made me laugh cause its so true, I was really burnout by then, so I'd just thought I'd put in some really crappy scale thing for lulz.

And don't worry, I would still crit any song of yours, and crit fairly, because you have critted mine fairly and in a civilized(ish?), you haven't just gone outright and said "OMGOMG it sux ass!(which is kinda what your saying anyway =) ), but you put the time and effort into making a decent review, and I respect that, so give me something to crit, I don't mind, and I won't be biased for you giving me a crap review... honestly xD.
I tried to be civilised with that

Yeah, I was going for a constructive crit, hopefully it wasn't too harsh

The song is the "WIP" somewhere near yours, so...yeah, if you wish to. Go for it.
R.I.P. Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
B. May 13 1967 - D. December 13 2001

Quote by eggsandham2
cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory