This seems like a silly question, but would anyone happen to know the proper term for searching the wires used to connect potentiometers, switches, etc inside the electronics compartment of an electric guitar?

I've tried different search queries on eBay, but yielded little to no results. A better question is what is a good site to purchase wires (by the inch/centimeter/etc) that I can strip on my own and solder for a guitar project of mine? (BTW: I went to a couple of music stores, including Guitar Center, and was told I could find what I was looking for at Home Depot, but had no luck).

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There was a thread on this the other day. Hang on and I'll find it for you.

EDIT: Here ya go - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1092810

The guy who started this thread wanted to know the absolute best wire to use, but I say just go to Radioshack and buy a spool of wire around 22-28 guage either solid or stranded core and you'll be fine.
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Just go the guitarfetish.com.
I get all my stuff there for modding-slightly less expensive than Stewmac.
Just got a strat wiring kit, and it's great.