This post may have a lot of random information, bare with me. (or is it bear?) I'll add a tl;dr. Don't worry.

Originally I was planning on getting a Blackstar HT-5H head, with a custom Avatar 212 cab. But I have come across a new, cheaper choice. A 60W tube Peavy Vypyr w/ Sanpera II footswitch. I figured it could be better as I play anything from hardcore screamo stuff (think A Day to Remember) to Classic Rock (AC/DC, Boston) to dabbling on cleans.

I figured it'd also save me a lot of money in the long run (i'm only a freshman in highschool, money is hard to get.) To achieve my desired tones as described above, the Blackstar would need a few pedals to achieve everything. Although I don't play with any drummers now, I know the Vypyr can keep up with a drummer. I also like the direct recording feature on the Vypyr, even if it isn't any good, I can just mic it up.

The vypyr will also sound great cranked, and at low volumes.

The only thing i'm worried about is any problems the Vypyr pr the footswitch. may have, or any flaws it does.


Blackstar Ht-5 with 2x12 cab, or 60w Tube Vypyr w/ Sanpera II footswitch.
I play everything
Any problems with the Vypyr or the footswitch seeing as it's all run by a processor?
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with 650 dollars you could do better, get a peavey XXX combo or something

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If you find a problem, you can plug it up to our computer and get it patched up. That's the good thing about the Vypyr/Sanpera combo. The Blackstar might souind better though. Use your ears to decide.
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im with the Vypyr on this one.
it has good effects and amp models.

or an Atomic Reactor 18/50 w/ a pod x3/XT
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Yeah, the Blackstar is sold out everywhere. That might tell you something about how good it is, no?