I've been experiencing some left hand and arm pains yesterday and today. It's not really pain, it's more of a strain or unease.
I've been playing for three months (acoustic) so it very well may be a big fail in my hand technique.
I've paid attention to my playing and have noticed that:
My hand is a bit on an angle and the base of my index finger (in the palm of the hand) touches the neck when I'm playing the 4,5,6 strings.
My wrist is kinda bent and the nerve in my wrist is tense (if you bend your wrist right now you can see a vein or nerve or whatever it is pop out and become tense)
this may be because my thumb is kinda low on the neck.
Maybe that's the problem? If I try playing with my thumb higher on the neck I notice that my fingers move less (I guess that's a good thing) but it feels a bit wierd... maybe I can get used to it?

tl;dr : READ IT.

I've taken pictures of my hand that I'll attach to this post so hopefully you can see what I mean.

What I want to know basically is what am I doing wrong to make my wrist feel wierd?


Thank you!
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yea your wrist looks really bent. i dont think it should be at a right angle like that. try moving the neck of the guitar up when you play so the guitar is at more of an angle.
Relax your elbow, it looks like your sticking it to the side of your body and that is causing your wrist to bend a lot. Relax your entire arm and don't hug your elbow against your body. Your wrist and forearm should be pretty straight when playing.
try to shorten the guitar strap?

as in bringing the guitar higher
You like it