I wanna fly away, break these chains.
Floating in the sky don’t need no brains.
Having fun with friends doing everything we want.
Partying and drinking ‘till we cant even stand.

Life is short enjoy the time.
I don’t even care if this song doesn’t rhyme.
Why would you get to told you what to do.
You’re the boss of your own mind.
Don’t let them make you blind.

Blind for the truth.
Blind for war.
Blind for the things you haven’t seen so far.
Just livin’ in your own world warm and save.
While other for you are dying and going in their grave.

Don’t follow the big crowd who follow the rules.
Given them by the people who use them as tools.
But why can’t I smoke a plant that was created by god.
And why am i not allowed to get my shot.

We are screwing up this planet as fast as we can.
We only need to give it one final bang.
And then the angels come down to sing your name.
And then you’re floating away, away from the blame.


and.. another one..

We live our live like it’s now or never.
Do everything we want, sometimes it’s not that clever.
Rocking out is all we care about.
Now shout it out!

We don’t care ‘bout rules
We don’t care ‘bout fools
Take everything we want
And do everything that you can’t stand

Don’t try to screw us, we have each others back
Don’t try to mess with us or we will break your neck
Don’t try to break us, Don’t be in a rush
Relax and be easy, cause all you have is us


don't be to hard on me please, cause I don't write that much
PS: sorry for bad english
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