So i got my hellraiser and i has fret buzz.

Its on the 4th 5th 6th strigns mainly around 6th fret and down.

If i strum anything more than 'lightly' It buzz's.

Now ive been told to adjust the 'action' ( height the strings are from fretboard)

But with the hellraiser its like, not an allen key.

Its just a screw and bolt so do i need to take the strings off the twist the bolt or something as i cant fit a screwdriver as the EMG is in the way.

So how can i adjust this and is there anything else i can do?
BTW its not effecting the sustaine rely , just its annoying and a brand new guitar shouldn't be like this.

If worst comes to worst ill shoot down to the store and be like SET ME THIS UP NAO.

a little fret buzz is normal.

if it's around the middle frets only then you might have too much neck relief. tightening the truss rod a tiny turn or two should remedy the problem.
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Well its near the top, it doenst rely effect amp play jsut late at night when i want to paly without an amp rely. as my headphones broke recently i spose i get some more.
What is it? C1 hardtail? They have a TOM bridge that looks like it has regular finger turners under the bridge plate. Exactly like Gibsons and most TOM types. If that's it, just de-tune and turn it with your fingers. If you have to turn it more than a little, you will need to reset the intonation.
My H&S has a TOM with a grub screw in each end, which is common on the small bridges, and I have a custom solid brass one on another guitar that has giant screw heads on the posts that you can turn with a coin, but those are quite rare.
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