Hey guys I know this has prolly been asked a million times but I just wana make sure. I have just bought and emg 81 goign to put it my yamaha baritone, the pickup says it has quick connect will i have to soder anything at all or will i just have to pop it in there and its good to go also im planing on adding a emg 60 later will i be able to easly install this with out sodering?
No, you will need to solder a lot. The pickup has a quick-connect jack on it, but other than that all of the wiring is conventionally done.

We should really have an "only EMG/Blackout thread" thread.
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the quick connect means the conection between the pickup and the rest of the circuit meaning you can change the pickup quicker without hassle. you have to connnect the system to the rest of the circuit and put in the potetntiometers supplied and then plug the magnet on and off you go.
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We should really have an "only EMG/Blackout thread" thread.

there is one but it's rarely used. it's called "the only EMG questions thread" or something.
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EMG's do require some soldering. The quick connects only help if you want to put different EMG's in. Then you can unplug an 85 and put a 60 in without having to solder.

We do have an EMG thread but no one ever used it. So it's not on the front page anymore.
I do hope you got the whole kit with the pup. 25k pots, battery connector and cables.
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the pots will have to be replaced, which involves soldering. If you're not comfortable reading diagrams and soldering, take it to a tech, or invest in learning how to properly solder etc.