So im looking to buy the new Double cross all tube 100w kustom amp head.
and i was wondering if someone could suggest a good cabinet to go with it.

i herd you have to have a tube cabinet or speakers for a tube head?
i dont know so helllp.
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no such thing as a tube speaker cabinet

mesa rectifier cab is a good one, as is the marshall stated above
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can someone suggest a single cabinet not a double im gonna be broke from the head you know?
you mean you want just ONE cabinet? just buy one! nobody makes you buy two! or do you want a cab with only 1 speaker?
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yeah, when you see a full stack with 2 cabs, its just one cab on top of another, its not like they are built together
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well im going to spend how ever much it takes to sound good i really like kustom and i was looking at there cabs with the vintage 30's in them and thoughts?
vintage 30's are good and reliable. if you like the kustom cab and have the means to buy it, go for it
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Well what sounds good is really based around your preference. What kind of music are you going to be playing?
yeahh i love kustom so much they have really reliable equipment with good qaulity i believe

and all be playing everything really i enjoy blues and metal and jazz you name it i play it.
Great amp to choose. The double cross is an amazing amp. I might would even buy a kustom cab with it. If not get yourself a vadar... if you must go to the store and get something I'd probably go with the egnater cab. The egnater cab is built exactly like a mesa recto cab just has a different name on it.
Well it sounds like you've pretty much sold yourself on getting a Kustom. They'll work great for you.
hmm ive seen the egnater name alot but no nothing about it.
yeahh i do really love kustom i just its alot of money to be throwing around you know
i mean i know i wont be upset with buying it but i dont want to say "i should of bought a different one."