Hi folks.
Last week, my bass teacher said i should sand down the nut to lower the end of the strings nearer the fretboard. I know exactly how i'm going to do it ie, loosen the strings enough so the nut falls off. I was told that it was usualy kept in place by the force of the strings. it is not. it it glued down how would i go about getting it off?
EDIT: sorry about the title..
EDIT2: i have already sorted out the action and truss rod, but the strings are still quite high off the fret board from frets 1-4

EDIT3:BASS what were you lot thinking about?
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you cant make your nut fall off? ive got the same problem. thing is, i want my nuts to remain where they are.
you know, ive owned 8 different guitars over my lifetime, and right now i have 3. i wanna know what the hell happened...i mean the picks and cables are understandable, they disappear into thin air all the time, but guitars?

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