hey, my band (currently unnamed) is looking for a Bassist and second guitarist to join us. were based in Market Deeping, Peterborough (UK).

currently in the band we have a fantastic drummer [17], an outstanding vocalist [16] and myself on guitar [16].

were aiming for a firewind style of metal (heavy yet melodic) and heavily influenced by iron maiden, megadeth, firewind ,metallica (many others such as amon amarth, in flames, pantera, machinehead and pretty much anything metal).

we have only just founded this band altho me and the vocalist have been playing together for a couple of years and our drummer has been in a few bands so we have the experience.

were looking for muscians of the same skill levels as ourselves so if your interested please could you PM me with a vid of yourself or something...

cheers guys , Matt
I would greatly join if I lived in uk, I live in sweden right now so can't I LOVE firewind and am an experienced guitar player^^ though I got m band here in sweden but we're playing more power metal, but firewindstyle is so awesome hope you get your members and succeed, then you'll get me as a fan hehe