ok i have a vizio 42'' flat screen and when i have the HD AV cables in it wont let me play all of my games i was going to play gta 4 and i put the disc in and on the dashboard it would saying reading then go back to open tray. but when i put in soul calibur 4 it worked. and i tried it on my friends XBox and it worked so what should i do.
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its probably your 360. gta 4 is a messed up game and it would freeze in my 360 all the time. its probably just the game
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is gta 4 the only one game that ain't working? are all other games working

No nhl 09 isnt working either.
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Get a PS3.


In all seriousness, if it's just one game then it's probably a scratched disc that it can't read.

Also, to make it easier please use punctuation. It's so hard to read when full stops and commas aren't used.
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Should of gotten a

But seriously, mine did that right before it RROD'd for the third time.
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