One of the wires snapped off that connect to the input jack, and now it doesn't work. This isn't my main bass, but I'd like to fix it so I can sell it for a good amount. Is there any way for me to fix this without a soldering iron?
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I don't know how much GC costs. It's probably much simpler to buy yourself a soldering iron and do it yourself. It isn't hard.

It would be much cheaper too.
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It would be much cheaper too.

Yeah with $5 soldering iron a $5 coil of solder and the easiest electronics repair job anyone would ever have to do, you're much better off doing it yourself.

Plus you pick up a new tool and a start practicing some basic bass maintenence--you're going to have to repair electroncs from time to time on even the best basses, this is the simplest place to start training yourself to do so.