I recently bought my first guitar from guitarcenter.com. The model is Yamaha FG700S. It seems like a decent quality guitar; I just have a few issues with the style or shape.

First I'm a small guy (5 foot 3 inches) and have short arms. The guitar seems pretty standard -- I would imagine most acoustics come in its size. The problem is that when I put my arm over the body to strum, my arm is kinda high, and it feels a bit uncomfortable.

I recently read about different guitar styles (cutaways) that might be more comfortable. I'm hoping I can return my current guitar which was purchased at guitarcenter.com, and then try others out at a physical GC store instead of guessing online.

The problem is that I read on their website that they charge 15 percent restocking fee for opened items. Do you guys think I can get them to waive that?

So my questions are the following:

1.) will a differently cut guitar solve my problem?
2.) will I get my money back from my purchase at guitarcenter.com?
3.) Can anyone suggest a guitar of at least the same quality as the one I have now that might suit me?

Here's the guitar I bought:


Thanks in advance for all your help!
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1) hell yea. every acoustic feels different and ones like that yamaha are so uncomfortable, i hear ya, and i've got 6 inches on you. so yea, differently shaped acoustics will solve the problem.
2) i'd call about it. you might be able, hopefully.
3) ovation acoustics are the most comfortable and easily-played acoustics ive ever played.
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go into guitar center and plead with the dude to just let you trade it out for something the same price or less. worked for me.
I emailed customer service and they said they were sorry it was not comfortable and they told me to call a number in order to set up an exchange or return. I realized something else though. When I was trying it out earlier, the pickguard must have received a few small yet noticeable scratches from my strumming. The rest of the guitar is pristine and shiny.

Would that affect my return? You think they'd notice that?
Did you take the plastic cover off the pickguard? If not then you're good to go.
You could perhaps try to check out the Yamaha APX series. They are thinline and in mini-jumbo size. Also, they are not that expensive.
Quote by Free
Did you take the plastic cover off the pickguard? If not then you're good to go.

I didn't realize there was a plastic cover. But now that I looked closely I see a piece of plastic material curling up at the edges, so that must be it. Thanks