well musically it all sounds good, but why exactly did you decide to double track so much? if you are trying to get a fuller sound, there are certainly better ways. In some cases, like with lead, a few notes sound flat. Other than that though it's a good cover, i'm just a bit perplexed with your decision to track so much...

also crit mine if you have time!

After all that work... the guitars STILL sound thin... You should've done more with panning and eq and all that jazz.
One of the greatest songs by Metallica if you ask me. Great job, and the 'thinness' doesn't really bother me.. Ah well, keep on going!
Maybe it's the compression from it being a low quality MP3 or something, but it sounds like you've got chorus on every single guitar. Actually, it sounds like you've got the same settings on every guitar, which is part of the problem. The cover itself is quite good, so I don't want you to think I'm knocking it. And the fact you could double track everything says good things about your playing. The main melody sounds a little weird in a couple places, like you start late a couple of times. But I really think not varying the tone on all those guitars is doing something. It's a least contributing to some of the sound problems.

Perhaps your distortion is too compressed, that might have something to do with it as well. It definitely is on the clean portion, at least. I don't really know too much about how to remedy some of the tone issues, though.

So, as a cover goes, it's fantastic, damn near note-for-note. The effort is also impressive, and the fact that you double-tracked if nothing else speaks about your abilities and dedication. It's just that the tone is a little thin, as everyone else was quick to point out, and that perhaps a variance of tones throughout the various guitars could help keep it interesting, and maybe even help with the thinness issues.

The bass tone was a little lacking as well, but I don't know if you played that.

Anyway, I would appreciate it if you would critique mine: it's a cover of Sea of Love
lol, ouch

I have a 120 dollar amp. lol, that's it. and I used one guitar. lol.

I still have the original audacity file. I'll play with it somemore. But yeah, best I can do with what I got. I panned bother "double" tracks at a 20% difference. IE. 10%right&30%right

sry I r a little drunk

anyway. yeahn/ 1 guitar, 1 100 dolla amp. lolz. i tried
You don't necessarily have to have multiple guitars to get multiple guitar sounds. EQ and such can go a long way towards that.

I don't think the amp is necessarily the problem either. It's just that all the guitar tracks sound the same, and I think you've got a bit too compressed of a sound for some of the tracks. This can have a lot to do with the 'thinness' of the sound; perhaps just adjust some compressor settings, if you're using one.

Again, I want to stress that it's a solid cover, it's the recording quality that we're talking about. We all have to learn. I make stupid recording decisions all the time. I'm no expert. Just my opinion.

I also want to stress that you'd be surprised what a little tweaking can do to the overall sound, without needed to change equipment entirely.
that's cool man

I'll see what I can do with some wtweaking . I'd just change the high mid low thing. lol, first guitar would be high8,mid5,low,3 then the dual track would be high8, mid 7, low 5 panned to the outside of the other track lol

no compressor lol, just straight from da amp to the mic lulz
Since you're micing, also worth considering is what mic it is, what its responsive ranges are, etc., and how you might how to EQ the mic to compensate. No microphone is truly transparent in it's representation of sound.

You may also want to explore more drastic changes in EQ on the amp side, different pickups, all that. You might want to do actual drastic changes in tone. Especially when doubling, having one tone really bass heavy and one really high-heavy or whatever can really fatten the tone.
I agree with Kidzelda, fatten this puppy up!

My suggestion (similar)

Whatever the first rhythm is - Bridge pickup, heavy bass settings, low mids and high treble
Whatever the second rhtyhm is - Neck pickup. low bass, high mids and moderately low treble
First lead - Neck pickup. heavy bass, low gain, low mids, high treble
Second lead - Bridge Pickup. heavy mids, low(er) gain, mid mids, high treble
Third and Fourth leads - Bridge Pickup, heavy everything. I love flat (EQ wise) leads
Fifth and Sixth leads - Neck pickup, heavy everything.

Should sound thick and tasty.
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