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How have they influenced you?

And if you are a parent yourself, how do you think you have influenced/will influence your child(ren)?
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My parents are k koo.
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My rents are divorced.
My dad's cool and lenient but I can't live with him.
My mom's insanely irrational, out of her mind and argues like a 8 year old girl.

Neither of them influenced me alot tbh.
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My mom abandoned me when I was like 8 or 9. My dad is cool, but I live with my grandparents.
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Pretty laid back unless i do something major, other than that they're pretty tight
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My mum stays at home and my dad is cool but strict and extremely hardworking and sucessful. And he's hard on me becuase he's grooming me to be ready for the world when it comes at me. He's travelled all over the world and knows what it's like.
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Kind, honest and hilarious. My mom is an avid gardener and lover of sports (Atlanta teams) and my dad loves motorcycles, science and beer.

They led me to an appreciation of higher education, trying to do the right thing (helping others is big with us) and to be fairly self sufficient. I know I act like a prick online, but I swear I follow their example in my "real" life

If I have children everything I think I would do now will probably be thrown out the window when the time comes.
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Mother overreacts LOADS when small things come up, father always at my neck if she says anything's wrong.

I write songs.
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My parents are awesome. My Dad's all nature-y and work-y and my Mum's all lady-y and they're both daft and then I am a super combo of their awesome points (and then their tempers >__>;; ) and then yesssss. I win.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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My parents are awesome. My Dad's all nature-y and work-y and my Mum's all lady-y and they're both daft and then I am a super combo of their awesome points (and then their tempers >__>;; ) and then yesssss. I win.

That means she stays in the kitchen right?
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my dad is lenient, hardworking, successful, cool. mom is uptight, easily stressed, bitchy, irrational, highly intelligent. i have a lot of freedom, but i check myself and keep almost everything from them.

My mind is going. I can feel it.
My mom's clinically insane. My dad is clinically depressed, but they have him on these new MAOIs and they really have pulled him out of it.

He's awesome, always lends me money, and is supportive of everything I do. And he doesn't bust my balls much.
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i don't like mine. they mean for the best for me but its just the stuff they do and the stuff they expect and how they try to overpower and are really strict. Its stupid, and i don't like them. It may seem irrational to you all on the other side of the screeen but this is only a smidget of the story. They aren't drunk parents who are all over the place and don't care. its actually quite the opposite. they work hard and have been through hard times but they just don't understand me in the end.
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That means she stays in the kitchen right?

Dude. Gtfo my internets.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Even before my parents were divorced my father wasn't around, never really even pretended to care. My mother gives everything (paid for my car, my college tuition, guitar etc) let's me do anything as long as I'm there when she needs something.
If it weren't for the fact that my dad left his acoustic behind when he left, I wouldn't have ever picked up an instrument. As of right now, I almost mirror my mom's personality; I'm sarcastic, OCD about keeping things clean, and concerned about money and the future.

If/when I become a parent, I'll probably deal with the problem of being too much of a friend too little of a father.
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my mom has more power than my dad, my mom doesnt let me go to concert's without an adult and im like almost 15

This reminds parents don't do the whole "I wear the pants in the relationship thing", which I really respect. I have never been able to hang out with couples where one person rules over the other and I refuse to date anyone who either expects to do this to me, or would let me do it to them. I guess this is another thing I got from mah rents
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my parents are amazing

well my dad died so i wont go into that

my mum and my step dad are uberamazing, wouldnt have them any different. they helped me with my music taste.
took me to my first load of gigs
and well eventhough i am an adult, my mum was worried about me going to belgium on my own to graspop so she sorted it out and went with me...mainly probly so she could see kiss.

but my parents rule really

saying that i must go back and see them at some point
Pretty damned cool - Dad's a psychiatrist, Mom's a professor, both intelligent, reasonable, supportive, and agreeable, despite their divorce. Granted, I could always whine about the trauma of the divorce and then put it all to song and get shi tloads of money from dumbass teenagers, but I'm pretty lazy.
My parents are pretty cool. They give me alot of freedom, and trust me to keep myself in check. My dad is hardworking, funny and sarcastic as hell (I get alot from him) My mom is hardworking too, but she is the more rational one. She pushes me really hard in school, which pisses me off sometime, but I know I'll thank her in the long run.
My parents are super catholic, homophobic, and don't support my dream of being a metal musician. Which causes problems because I am an atheist-agnostic, I am a homosexual, and I dream of being a metal musician. Also, they are bent on me going to some college and me becoming a doctor or lawyer or something like that. Which isn't what I want to do at all. Basically, the only time we can talk without arguing is when we avoid the subjects of my life after highschool, religion, or politics. Which is sometimes hard to do... ug, my life sucks sometimes, but I do feel fortunate that I have the things I do, though. They aren't always bad, but sometimes they annoy the crap out of me.
My mom is very generous but you can't disagree with her or else she will get angry.

My dad is always chill. He is a psychologist and he is really calm most of the time. He rarely gets angry. He is kind of oblivious at times though, but he is cool.
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my moms a b*tch. im moving out this tuesday because she "doesnt want to feed 2 mouths anymore".
i WAS paying her $300 month in a $500 month apartment to stay here.
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My mom stays at home; she's awesome and is pretty much like a really cool friend.
My dad is a business group CEO at a construction firm; he's cool, kinda uptight about some stuff, but other than that, he's not bad.
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Mom - Extremely liberal, nicest, most gentle human being on the planet, and supportive of everything I do. My mom RULES.

Dad - Controlling, ULTRA-conservative, condescending, racist Christian, has mood swings. My dad...not so much.

I live with my dad primarily.
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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My mum can be a bit annoying when she argues with my sister. They argue about the stupidest ****.

Dads pretty cool even though he can be a bit of an arsehole sometimes. He doesn't care about my occasional pot smoking (Which he shouldn't)
they haven't actually influenced me...
but they are like the most supportive parent i've seen
i have told them i want to play almost every sport ever made
and they just say ok and buy me the stuff needed for that sport, pay classes to
i have like $300 golf clubs, $50 tennis raquet, ping pong table, 2 guitars, 2 amps, and believe me... a lot more
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my parents are like everyone else's. they drive me crazy sometimes but they're pretty cool too.
My dad has never made a funny joke ever (even though he always tries) and my mom is super overprotective.
My parents are cool. Sometimes they don't let me do a lot of stuff even though I'm 18, but it's just because they're concerned about me. Mom is stubborn but strong, I take after her a lot. However, I am a lot like my dad; sensible, fun, relaxed.

My dad also doesn't mind bribing me so we both get what we want. He'd rather just buy it for me instead of hearing me complain.
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