So, first i will explain myself, as this may sound
retarded to most people.
I recently did the 18V mod to my Jackson,
but i could barely fit a second battery, let
alone any form of insulation. The only
option i could think of is to drop my tone knob,
I usually just leave it dimed anyways. So,
I made this wiring diagram with MS paint,
using the wiring diagram from EMG i used to
put my EMGs in initially, but i want to make sure
this is correct.

Thanks in advance
That.... seems correct.
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Quote by sesstreets
That.... seems correct.

Alright, thanks, just wanted to make sure
i wasn't missing something obvious that would
f*ck sh*t up.
it looks like your grounding the signal too unless the guitar is wired very weird.
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Quote by Invader Jim
It just looks like it because of the way the braids and inner wires were drawn.
tru dat. EMG has the most fucked up drawings when it comes to the way they show shielded cables.
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