okay my acoustic guitar gets out of tune the as i go down the neck it gets aharper how do i fix it
When it comes to acoustics I'm a noob. On an electric, that means it needs to be intonated. Maybe take it to a guitar shop and have them take a look at it.
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Sounds like you have bad intonation.

Is the action on your acoustic quite high?
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bad intonation, I would get it looked at by a tech, fixing the intonation on acoustics is usually a major pain in the ass.
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Like the other have said, sounds like bad intonation. How to fix it? I'm not sure, and like some others have said, I'd bring it to a tech.
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did you try changing your strings? that could be the trick. if that doesn't work take it to a tech cause it is the intonation.
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well i mean like as i go higer on the neck

Yeah, we know. That means that the intonation is off. Take it to a guitar tech or repairmen at your local guitar store. He will take care of it.