ok so i have the boss ph-3 phase shifter so its alrite, and it doesnt sound that bad with gain, not too digital, but on clean it doesnt work at all. it doesnt have any sweep whatsoever. it doesn't have to do with being in the effects loop or not, i tried both.

anyway i want a new phase shifter, and am deciding between the evh phase 90 or a small stone. first i want ot know if the phase 90 has a big volume drop, because my boss ph-3 has a huge volume drop, and it sucks. i heard the small stone has a volume drop too.i've watched gearmanndude's youtube comparisons...

second, i dont need such a vintage warm phase. i'm looking for a more extreme phaser, so i believe that the phase 90 is more bold, because i believe that small stones are very vintage and warm sounding...

so it sounds like the phase 90 is for me. however, i like the evh one because it has the script button to give it more of a warm sound, however i don't know how good the script really is. it's not too important to me since i like the bold phase, but it would be nice to be able to switch to a vintage phase. i've heard from some people that the script button doesn't do anything, can anyone tell me if it makes atleast a small difference?

so basically:
want to know if phase 90 has volume drop, i believe small stone does
want to know if phase 90 evh script button is a decent warmer/classic phase than the regular mode
want to know how script button on evh phase compares to smallstone...

thanks! sorry for tons of text, but hopefully u can help me after reading
Phase 90 is good. The ones Ive tried havent had a volume drop, and I liked them more than the Small Stone (havent tried the EVH version though, so I dont know about that). Maybe try another PH-3 in a store or something though, perhaps you just got a lemon
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It doesn't have a volume drop like the small stone. But the small stone can be easily modded to not have a volume drop.

You're just talking about subtleties here. The small stone and phase 90 sound similar, script v. block letter phase 90 is even closer sounding. The best way to find out the sound differences is to go on youtube. There are some comparison videos on there.
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you're saying that the block phase 90 sounds more like the small stone than the script phase 90? never heard that before...i also heard that the nano stones may have no volume drop but the big ones do, is that true?
The Phase 90 doesn't have a volume drop, it has a volume boost.
It even clips a little bit [but i believe there are mods to correct this - i havent tried them on mine though]

My pedal board atm is a Digitech Grunge [actually works pretty well for what i need] followed by a Phase 90.
It phases high gain BRILLIANTLY (with a volume boost, so i even use it for solos sometimes) and sounds great clean too. Although as i mentioned before, it clips your signal just a little bit. It's more noticeable if you pick harder.
It's a pretty intense, in-your-phace phaser.

But overall i'd definitely recommend the Phase 90. Awesome pedal for the job.
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what exactly do you mean by clips the sound?
i think i've decided on the evh phase 90, because i like an extreme phase, but i'd like the option of a warmer phase. after many comparisoins of script nd block 90's and smallstones, i think the evh is my best choice due to the script button, in demos, the script setting sounds great! nice and warm. but it can still crank on the regular settings. i dont think the small stone is powerful enough for me
Check my profile for clips.

It slightly distorts the signal so an absolutely clean tone would be very mildly distorted thru a Phase 90.