Im about to record a couple songs for my acoustic solo project and i was wondering. Would it be better to promote now online (myspace,twitter,etc) or should i wait till i have the songs done.
yeah i figured theres 2 options

1. Promote now and get a fan base to release the stuff to

2. Put the Stuff up and then promote.

i just dont want to likee add tonso f people on myspace and then because i didnt have music theyll never go on my page again or somthing
Have the music up first.

Not many things are more of a turn-off for me musically than going to a band's/artist's page to find that they don't actually have any material up. That's the primary purpose of the page itself; to promote you. There would be nothing there to promote.

Have the music up first.
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I personally prefer the idea of having the songs done before you start promoting. That way, you don't feel really pressured to get the recordings done, as well as you don't have to worry about delaying things for your fans.

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yeah idk. i have 2 songs written and ready to record and i was gonna record them next week since im on spring break. but theres a 50/50 chance i cant cuz my computer at my moms house isnt working. so unless i can convince her ot let me install all my recording stuff onto the fam computer i cant record them.
General rule, you should start promoting as soon as there's something to promote.

If at the moment your project is nothing but a name and a logo (no recordings, no gigs), keep your promotional efforts low-key.
Remember, most people will only look at a site once - if they visit and there's nothing of interest on it, they'll probably never return.

And also; demo recordings don't really have an expiry date, do they?
So take your time and get everything spot-on. You can set up a myspace etc now, but don't start giving out the address or adding people until you've got something to offer them.
Yuo could maybe even ask people on UG what they think of content, before you publish it to a wider audience. Just take your time. Best of luck
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If at the moment your project is nothing but a name and a logo (no recordings, no gigs), keep your promotional efforts low-key.

My band is pretty much new and we're currently working on writing music currently but have had our myspace up for a while now... I wanted to get it made to make sure we had it and we set it all up. I recorded some decent samples/riffs of some stuff we were working on just so people could have something to listen to and then I invited a bunch of friends... you know, people that I don't have to impress with a first... impression...

Plus, at least now when we finally upload a couple songs and start promoting, it appears as if we are somewhat developed since we have a bunch of views, a decent number of friends, and a nice and maintained-over-time myspace... much better than getting an invite from a band that is only friends with Tom...

So I'd say spread the word amongst your friends and get some myspace "friends" from them... it'll look better once you upload content and start the beginning phases of your promoting.