Hello everyone, in the midst of the new mastodon album being released i decided its time to attempt to add some new skills to my repertoire to make playing some of their insane riffs easier to play. I am currently working on hybrid picking, but i need more riffs to practice with, i have done it all in the techniques sticky, so if anyone knows some good songs to try it out on or know some great ways to practice it please let me know... in the meantime ill be rockin'
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Umm, he sounds like hes probably pretty amazing, so i might wanna start a little more intermediate than that, if anyone knows any particular songs that demonstrate a good bit of hybrid picking, let me know.
Pretty much anything dude. It doesn't have to be hybrid picked on the recording, nor does it have to involve string skipping. Any sort of string crossing at all can be hybrid picked. Just pick a song and work on it!
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okay, thats basically what i have been doing, just thought there might be some good practice riffs or something. Thanks for the help!