Hey, I bought a Vintage 1982 Ibanez Destroyer II DT400, with an OFR (double locking trem). I know I have to stretch the strings before I put them on. What's the deal with that? And why, what does it do?
you stretch them when they are on, i tune it up and then litterly pick the guitar up from the strings for a few seconds and retune, i never broke a string doing this.
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It prevents fresh new strings from going out of tune soon after they're put on. Just pinch them at about the 12th fret and pull kinda hard, or about 3/4" - 1" from where it was. If you don't stretch them... it's not a big deal, the strings will just go out of tune slightly for awhile.
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I don't bother stretching my strings, and I hardly ever go out of tune, usually just a little in the first week, then after that it's fine.
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I stretch my strings right after changing them for about 5 mins. They stay perfectly in tune after that. You can usually judge how much you have to pull each string by feeling when the string really starts to resist.