Hello all!

I'm new to the forum and wanted to let ya'll in on the project I have been working on! I have not played for about 10 years but spent some time with a high school buddy that was as big of a Van Halen fan as I was and we saw them in concert together 7 times in the 90's ( awesome ) So I started thinking I needed to build a replica of the Frankenstrat.... I went to Art school so this was right up my alley as far as painting.... I tried to spare no detail and give a good representation of the real thing!

I think it turned out Great! II'm very please!

Then the guitar shop I bought the guitar asked to see how it turned out and they were extremly impressesd!

Here are some pics of my project, I would love to hear your feedback and advice! Honestly I'm just a huge Van Halen Fan that wanted to build a Frankestrat for myself but if others want me to use my skills to create one for them, let me know.

Here are the pics:

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my Finised Frankenstrat Guitar:


Finally the Comparison with Eddies Original: ( Not to bad )


And here is the case I painted for the guitar:


Your feedback is greatly appreciated and if any has any questions I can be reached at mslone@slonedesign.com

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

very cool

did you remember the cigarette burns?
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looks pretty nice. if i ever tried to do that, i would get really far and do really good, then screw something up so bad at the last minute...
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...sounds like music to me
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nice replica but your forgot to dirty up the fret board! You have this grungy guitar and a brand new fretboard

But really nice job there have been alot of these around the site and yours is one of the better ones
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It looks to clean. Even the "wear" looks clean. Dirt it up some. Sweat on and in it.
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very cool

did you remember the cigarette burns?

I have not completed everything yet, I'm not going to strip the finish off the neck and make it look like its 40 years old... I will proubably add the cigarette burns though!
It looks really awesome, the only suggestion I can give is to make it look more beat up. Right now it just looks kind of "plastic" and new. But hey, other than that it's really really close to original, nice work on detail !
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you forgot the quarter!!! very good job!
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you forgot the quarter!!! very good job!

no, its there
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These pictures were taking during stages... So things have changed a liitle along the way. I have the quarter. YES 1971... Took a little digging to find it...

Yea I just got it done and still have some stuff to do but wanted to post some pics! I agree it needs to be dirtyied up a bit to look more authentic, But hey at least this one did not cost me 25K..... Unbelievable. It's not perfect but a True VH fananatic would surely pick it apart... but hey I dont have to worry about taking this one out to play, and i do not worry about having armed guards to protect it or install a laser securilty system in the house.

I has the the same pickup and electronics as the 25K guitar so hopefully it should sound as well.... Know if I could only play like Eddie.....

Thanks for the feedback, I'll podt more picks when its completely done.

Also I realize I suck at spelling.... Its part of being an artist i guess...

needs alot more dirt and nasty-ness.

let all your buddies go gigging with it and let them **** it up and sweat on it and stuff.
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Really well done.

I hope to do one of these one day.

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why must people do this?
Can't someone do anything original?

Well I image that Most Folks do this for the same reasons I did :I love Guitar music and VH is my favorite band and I have other guitars but felt it would be like having the holy grail of Guitars to have a Frankenstrat. becuase Eddie Van Halen was a Rock Guitar God and Pioneer That built an Iconic Guitar that was a revolution in Rock Guitar!

Not to Mention the True Replica sells for 25K. Plus the quality garage time drinking beers building a cool guitar.

Honelstly you know this is a cool Guitar or you would not have even looked at the tread?

I imagine that most of these folks here that pull the "Do Something Original" Card proubably just don't have the talent to do a decent replica of the Frankenstrat...

Face it....It's cool or people would not continue to do it again and again...

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It looks to clean. Even the "wear" looks clean. Dirt it up some. Sweat on and in it.


other than how clean it looks its great good job!
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wow that is very close in detail but I agree with everyone who says its too shiny
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