So I'm probably going to buy this guitar:
How do you think it will sound with a Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck, and a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge, all running into a line 6 spider III 15 watt amp? If I do purchase this guitar what else could I do to improve the sound? Thanks
Every damn guitar sounds the same through a Line 6 Spider III.

What could you do to improve the tone? Take the money you would spend on pickups and buy a different amp instead.
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What he said. ^^^

The thing about modelling amps is their designed to emulate a specific sound/tone (thus the modelling bit) almost regardless of what's being played through them. Different pickups may alter it a little, but not significantly since the modelling amp's only going to try to recreate those tones that it's built to model. If you really want to hear the difference in different types of pickups, you'll want a non-modelling amp. Tube amps moreso, but even a non-modelling solid state will show more difference than a modelling amp will.

Until you get a better amp, I wouldn't worry too much about changing the pickups.
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