Hey, I've been trying to find a pop'ish punk sound pedal for my guitar. Does anyone know what I would need, some examples are like, All time Low, Ivoryline, Cobra Starship, Cash Cash. if anyone can help that would be great.
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I have a Epiphone Les Paul. I need a new amp if anyone has any sugestions. I've mostly just played through headsets, I forgot to mention I had a Digitech rp250 pedal, I know you can create your own sounds, but I've tried, haha. Couldn't quite do it. Sorry, Kinda new to electric guitar, I've mostly just played with my friend at hot topic in-stores with our acoustics, alesis mixer, and a small PA.
It's probably some of the easiest tone to recreate in the world. They're a pop-punk band, which means they almost certainly use some form of Marshall half-stack on the stage. A JCM 800 combo would do it.
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You've got the right guitar for the lead riffs (the rhythm guitarists in these bands tend to use some sort of Fender, a strat or a tele usually)

I'm not sure, but theoreticmusic sounds about right on the amps.
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Something tells me that they're not going to be able to get a JCM combo as their first amp. What is your budget, and will you be gigging, playing with a drummer, or just practicing?
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Its a pretty straightforward punkish sound. (The All Time Low version of umbrella covered in my profile is just 2 overdrives stacked over a clean amp) Pretty well any amp with a descent drive channel should do this for you, but you're definitely playing the right guitar for that stuff.
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alex from ATL uses a stiletto deuce. i guess a peavey windsor would be a cheap step in the right direction.
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