So...my town ran a drill of it's new air raid siren today (that's right, we just recently got one). I'd never heard it before in real life.

Does anyone else find the sound of an air raid/bombing/disaster siren very scary? When I heard it, I knew it was just a drill, but for some reason I found the sheer sound of it terrifying.

Have you ever heard one of these in real life?

(This is the closest thing I could find on youtube to show what kind of sound I'm referring to)

i live in a very rural area so i dont have to worry bout air raids, just nukes....
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That air raid siren sound always reminded me of a zombie outbreak. So if I ever hear it I'm getting up on my f*ckin roof. Odds are though, I'll be wrong, and thus will be catching a bomb in the back of the f*ckin head.
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for some reason i think they sound sweet, maybe ive just listened to industructible a few too many times
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Yeah. I haven't heard any in years. I thought they were scary at first, cool after awhile, and then I just thought they were the most annoying thing ever.
H e l l o .
Last time I heard one was when I was in Hawaii 9 years ago. I remember it kept going off every few hours though, so I think they were just testing them.
This is something ive always wondered:
How come they dont have these in American cities? Does the government here just hate us that much?
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The emergency siren ?

ya, my town plays it every time there's a fire, koz our FireD sux hairy monkey balls
this would be a better siren:

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This is something ive always wondered:
How come they dont have these in American cities? Does the government here just hate us that much?

Maybe they just hate Florida?
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My mobile phone alarm tone is an air raid siren mp3, for the simple reason that I always get scared by them (thus, waking me up). I was recently bidding on eBay for one, but it went for over £300.
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hear that **** almost every day at my grandmas house

its badass

Whose raiding your grandma?
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Maybe they just hate Florida?

I wouldnt blame em, all the Cubans and coke gets in through here.
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I think air-raid/tornado sirens actually freak me out more then whatever they're going off about.
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I hate those.

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I don't really think they're scary. They say war vets always drop to the ground every time they hear that noise. I think that if I was in a war and conditioned to a siren, they would scare the **** out of me, but right now they seem pretty harmless.
At my dad's old house he had one hooked up to a light switch, so if you hit the wrong switch you'd get freaked out. You get used to it after a while
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Well, I live in Panama which used to have territory controlled by the US army. Well, I live in an old military town, in front of my house there is a the pole that they used to have a siren in case of a bombing and did drills, of course I wasn't born for the era when it was in use. But they say if you reconnect the cables to it and find the switch, it still should work.
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