Hello, i am a guitarist that has been playing for only 2 years but i want to start or join a hard rock/metal band my influences/ what i would like to acheive sound wise is something like metallica acdc zepplin somewhere around in there i do not want to play way tuned down and i down want to be part of a band with a singer that cant sing i really want to start something asap so please contact me i am from jackson MI and will/can drive around an hr for the right band thanks
\m/ metal up your ass
I'm pretty interested in this. The only bad thing is that I live in Commerce Twp, which is about an hour from Jackson. Here's some basic info:

Name: Kane
Age: 16
Instrument: Bass guitar
Experience: Been playing for four years
Influences: Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Slayer, etc.
Additional Info: I GUESS I could sing like backup or heavy metal songs, but I'm not the best. Metallica kind of singing and things like Testament, Pantera, Slayer, and whatnot I can do too.

Send me a PM if you're interested.
bump i really need to start something up cmon guys
\m/ metal up your ass
hey, Im A Guitarist/Vocalist, From Roseville MI sooo idk how far that is from where you live lol, i am a good singer, ive been in a few singing competitions and ive gotten 1 ratings ( the best ) and have placed in competitions, ive also been playing guitar for 2 years, i can deffently get better, but im ok, lol, uhhh one draw back is that im only 14, i like to play any kind of music, but i like Punk and Techno Scremo, and just regular metal alot more, idont have to tune like Drop C or any stupid stuff lol, ummmm you can contact me through myspace if you want? my email is thekonvict101@aol.com and yepperss. or you could just reply on here and ill talk LoL so read this, and MABYE something can happen
sry man roseville is like a hr and a half good luck tho
\m/ metal up your ass
I live in Belleville/Ypsilanti area. I play metal mostly tuned to C standard but I can play pretty much anything. I have been playing for almost 10 years.
Lead guitarist of Mental Atrophy.