Hello all

Just starting to get into recording music and i've decided i need to upgrade my microphone. I'm currently using a Labtec microphone that is really designed for IM chatrooms etc..
I use it mainly for mic-amping in front of my fender FM212, and occasionally recording vocals/acoustic guitar/live takes with a few friends.
I don't have much recording equipment. Just my mic and laptop with a lousy sound card that is probably built in. I use Reaper software to record it.
So what would be a good microphone to get?
I was recommended a Rodes Podcaster by a sound technician, on the basis that it gives quality sound without needing to worry about analog digital convertors or any other complicated and expensive hardware. Any thoughts? It is apparently more geared towards vocals, will that be a problem?
Any other mics that people would recommend for someone beginning recording?