Ok, so theres this guy at work, who I saw getting yelled at by the boss, and it went something like this:

"You're walking on a very thin line here! When I tell you to do something you best do it!"

And ever since I've been cracking jokes related to that, pretending to yell at him about walking a thin line, but I'm running out of material, UG, please help me, what are some things I could yell at him relating to walking on a thin line???
Are you trying to be a douche?

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Rocking thread brah.
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Better watch your balance, you might fall off that thin line.

Watch out! The line's gonna snap.... fatass.
Carefull that is a thin high tension line! If it snaps it could hurt you! fatty.........
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am i the only person who doesn't find that guy to be funny?
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am i the only person who doesn't find that guy to be funny?

Nope, I second your motion.
Play on guitar and Sing him "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash with modified lyrics, all the way through.