Here's another question for anyone who has an MXR 10 Band

I have a Pedalboard that uses velcro to stick pedals. The MXR has rubber feet on it and I have no idea how to take them off. Anyone?
You can still use velcro, just put it over the rubber feet. Provided the glue is strong enough it shouldn't be a problem.
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Unscrew the bottom plate and you can just pull off the rubber feet. You can put it back on later to if you don't cover up the screws when you put them back.
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screwdriver, thats how I get all the rubber feet off my pedals. Just scrape em off the bottom
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I had the same problem, I just took a razor blade to the rubber feet and cut them off. After they were off I put on the velcro. Pretty simple really.
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I just took my feet off my M108 last week.

I just used a pocket knife
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