hey, if anyone here has auditioned at berklee on bass could you please explain what the audition was like? that would be greatly appreciated.
Well, I auditioned on clarinet. They made me play a piece, then there were about 5 different pieces for sight-reading and they made me play two of them. The guy had a guitar and he started playing some notes and asked me to match the pitch by singing it. Then he started tapping out a rhythm on his leg and made me repeat the rhythm. Then also started playing some sweet jam on the guitar and made me improvise to it, and then he started playing patterns on his guitar and made me repeat it on the clarinet. All in about 15 minutes.

I realize it's a completely different instrument, but I'd imagine the audition would share some of these similarities.
yeah that's pretty much what i heard from my friend who auditioned on guitar. only thing is he had to name every note in a chord. i was wondering what kind of specific things like that they had people do for bass. thanks for that though, that still helped me.