it was sick. but i have a question for anyone that was there last night. there was some people sitting near me. some dude with tied back dreadlocks and his gf i think. anyways. towards the end of the night i noticed that there was a few cops and the ambos around the girl who was lying on the ground. they put her on a stretcher and took her off to the ambulance and the guy with dreads came back alter with a cop and were looking for something.

does anyone who may have been there know what happened to the girl (or guy.. it was dark so i may have been mistaken).
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At a Who concert, man that must have been one insane mosh.

it was at a winery so it was alot of hippys and old people. and it was all seating

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Knowing The Who, she was probably trampled.

as i said before we were all sitting
She must be drunk/stoned or something.
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she was stabbed.

but she's all better now.

edit: and by better I mean dead.
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