i'm wondering how i would go about getting a kind of techno electronic sound out of my guitar.
check this out. i want the kind of tone that comes in at like 1:20. i know it's a keyboard playing that riff, but is there any pedal or something that could help me achieve that sound?
cheers, rikky.
there's a pickup that can play keyboards, trumprets all sorts of instruments, not really sure of the name
yeah but that's in the $500 range.
i was thinking something cheaper.
it sounds a LITTLE bit like the whammy set to go an octave up. OF course its a synth so it doesnt sound too much like a guitar. I'd recommend a whammy, along with the line 6 fm4, its a synth modeler, it gives you sounds from a lot of famous synths, maybe you can find what you are looking for in that combination.

BTW awesome song!! thanks for introducing me to a new band!
You can circuit bend a BOSS DS-1 to get some cool synth sounds and run it through a phaser, chorus, flanger or delay pedal to get some techno-ish tones.

pretty cheap to do.
you sir most deffinitely need the digitech whammy pedal. if you dont know what they are capable of youtube it and you will see the light.
can you just manipulate the **** out of a digitech whammy's sound?
Envelope filter + harsh fuzz/distortion or EHX micro synth pedal.
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