i am in high school and have to perform a song for my practical assesment, ive got a drummer and bassist, and did have a vocalist until he bailed on us. the bastard, anyway, my teacher says i MUST have a melodic line in my song and she says its def vocals. im doing a hardcore song . Boneyards - Parkway Drive, now i was wondering, is the guitar counted as a melodic line ? because the assesments monday and have NO time to organise a vocalist. so could i argue that the guitar in the song is melodic? because theres nothing melodic about screaming
Why does it have to be melodic? Yeah, you could consider the guitar part melodic. I'm seeing PWD live by the way on April 24th.
my teacher says i MUST have a melodic line in my song and she says its def vocals

How's that indicative that it should be okay to have the melodic part be a guitar riff? It sounds pretty clear to me that she wants it to be a VOCAL line.

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If she says it has to be vocals, it can't be a guitar line... Right?

I don't get it..

no, she says there has to be a melodic line and she claims that a melodic line is just vocals. but i dont believe thats correct?
i know hey! she says "oh yeah the melodic line is vocals. but then she said a nother lesson, a melodic line is what makes u remember the song." which i think is the guitar. but if she doesnt think that, i get dropped a class