Morning Children.

So, VII has ended; Bassbeat77 (Steve) has taken the crown.

I will do my best to have season VIII up and running ASAP. Life is crazy, as is Charles Manson.

At this point, all points scored between now and next season starting will be posted next season. Next season will start the same as always: a fresh slate, a new grand championship, and a revitalized champions belt.

The point of this thread: Discuss the shortcomings and awesomeness of last season.

My thoughts:

  • The new wagers (do or die and reversal) weren't used but once each. And both times, made little effect on scores. I love them in theory, but think simpler is better in this case. Should we drop them?
  • The 'Open Polls Thread.' Again, wonderful idea that is never used. Drop it and have one less sticky? Move it to main forum and add another stick there, but see if it draws more attention here?
  • Raise the season point limit to 30 for the win? I think it will prolong the seasons and really allow people to jockey for position more. As it stands, the Grand Championship is worth 1/4 the points required to win the NEW SEASON. I don't like the old season having that much hold over the new. Why not make it 1/5 the points needed to win?
  • Newbie Comp. We need someone to step in and run it every other month. I dropped the ball there and Allen (cubs) picked up for me for a bit, but he's been on less and less lately... and we need someone with the time and stability to run it.
  • Sophomore comp. Bring it back? Linky: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=800728&highlight=Sophomore+Comp

Alright, lets discuss these and anything else your little hearts desire.
I'd be happy to bring back the sophomore comp but for them who've been here under a year and a half

I think what point we're at in the season should be more clear: I didn't have a clue that I was doing 1v1s that would count for the next season.

30pts is a good idea.
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Yeah, I'm with 30 points. Seasons fly by.
Personally, I never used the open polls thing. I just clicked on a link on the first page and if it was open, voted. There's not that much comp stuff that current ones drop off the first page.
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Open Comp thread: Never used it, never needed to. Seeing as I've voted in most of the comps and 1v1s, I'd say it hasn't hindered me any. Kill it... with fire, of course.

30 points sounds good.

Do or Die/Reversal: It can't hurt to leave them in there.

Sophomore Comp: Sure, but I'd be more lenient with the join date. It seems like everyone's a sophomore and a half now. Then again, if you wanted to keep it the same, that's fine too.
i'd say keep it to 25 points because you don't want people to lose steam. Less people are likely to have the time or drive to try to keep competing if you up the finals. If you look at the points thread, you'll see it's skewed left and I think increasing the distance to the end would only make less people competitive which is the opposite of the goal here (if I understand correctly). I say 25 sounds fine. I don't know though I haven't been the most active contest user.

And the sophomore comp should be under 10 points in the contest forum or no more than 3 competitions entered
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If people will actually use the Open Polls thread then I'm willing to make more of an effort to keep it updated if you wanted me to, but I don't think there are many that do. I think new polls/sign-up threads can be identified easily enough just by taking a quick glance in the Contest forum.

As for the 30 points, I've felt like 25 wasn't enough for a while now, but at the same time I get what jimi is saying about it, so I guess I'm on the fence.
I guess I'm just thinking to last season. I ended up winning even though for the last month Dylan and Steve had scored like 15 pts each. I hit like 4 major wins right at the beginning and then barely broke even on 1v1s across a couple months and won. If I had taken those 1v1s I'd have won within the first two months of the new season more or less. That worries me.