Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new guitar. I'd like something with humbuckers that isn't from a big brand (Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, etc) if possible. Extra points for a whammy bar or Bigsby.

My dream guitar is probably a Travis Bean 1000A but I need to keep the price within $1000US so that's a no-go. This picture pretty much shows what I want it to look like though:

Any ideas? Thanks in advance
i would say a les paul double cutaway but i imagine those cost more than that, unless you are willing to ebay it
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try this.. it's a hamer.. this is the SATQ model.. theres another one, flamed top with trem.. it's the SATF.. great guitar for the price..

or this..

ibanez ARX 320

ibanez ARX 140

ot their high-end brother..

ibanez ARX500 artist

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I'd recommend a Paul Reed Smith Mira but finding those under $1000 would be a little difficult. Maybe check Ebay?

Or maybe a Michael Kelly Hourglass?


You could also check with J Nunis guitars. They mainly deal in custom orders so it could run more then $1000 but I do know that they make a double cut guitar and they are a small guitar company. But they do make very nice stuff.
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