Bottom line, should I learn Banjo or Mandolin ? I can't afford both at the moment. Your opinion?

Learn dueling banjos and you're set for life. No one will ever mess with you again.
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Mandolin. That way you can play Irish-Folk.
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I can play dueling banjos on guitar haha.

And I want to play mandolin, but i've wanted to play banjo for ages.
mandolin easily

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Mandolin in my oppinion.

Banjos by themselves = sorta gross sounding.
But they sound pretty good in jazz
i feel you may have over looked a viable option in the ukulele....
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I'd say mandolin just because you can put it with some acoustic music and it'll still sound alright whereas banjos (in my opinion, at least) only sound good with Bluegrass and related genres.
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hands down banjo.

if youre into banjos at all check out some sufjan stevens.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPL-v7aU5ZM&feature=related (could only find a clip)

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Buckethead shredding on a Banjo, GO BANJO!
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Banjo. Because in order to play banjo properly, you have to marry your prize sow, that's also a blood relative.
Banjo! I have a mandolin...they are gay, and not worth the money, even though they are cheap. Get a banjo, they are interesting, they are a string instrument, and they are also a drum in a way, it's like 2 for 1.
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