I went to
C:\Documents and Settings\{Main Account}\Local Settings\Temp
and found some random stuff.

There are powerpoints about mathematics, a .WAV of someone playing Pretty Woman live, a bunch of GP files, what seems to be visual basic files, and 25 directories for this one album I got a long time ago.

Is there anything weird in yours, or does mine just hang on to some strange things?

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Mine has a couple trojan horses that have been flagged in it. Other than that it's pretty normal, just some papers I've done and vacation photo's of some family/friends, etc.
you need to clear out your temp file more often

however, one time I found a foot fetish porn vid in my temp file that I'd never seen before, and I would remember because I clear my temp file almost every time I close my browser, this leads me to believe that my friend was looking at foot fetish porn. I'm saving this piece of information for blackmail material.
how do I get there?
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how do I get there?

go to my computer, then Local Disk (C:), Documents and Settings, click the user account you're using, click local settings and then temp.

if you can't see local settings once you're at that point just add \Local Settings\Temp at the end of the little address bar thing

edit: or you could just hit start, run, then paste in C:\Documents and Settings\Main Account\Local Settings\Temp

but replace Main Account with the user name
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