Does neck wood have to be quartersawn? I understand that using quartersawn makes it stronger, but if it's a wood like Bocote or Ziricote, both of which are really stiff and hard, is it necessary to be quartersawn, or can it just be straight sawn?
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I dont think it has to be, but quartersawn necks are much less prone to twisting or warping. You can have a flatsawn neck because the trussrod in the neck keeps it strong, but its better to have a quartersawn neck, just for the extra stability.
quartersawn, flatsawn, slab cut whatever, they can all be used for necks but the quarter sawn is more stable
Some prefer the stiffness of quarter sawn some like the way a flat sawn neck plays. If its laminated then not really an issue.
I believe Pedulla uses flatsawn for their Rapture basses.

like that one.
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The best thing you can do to ensure stability is to make a 3-5 piece neck with opposed grain. That will be more stable than a 1-piece using the same wood, regardless of whether it's flatsawn or quartersawn.
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Quarted of flat sawn, doesnt matter too much, quarter is better, but like tackle said if your laminating its a non issue.

Fender I think use one peice flat sawn necks.

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