First thing I've ever written... wrote it by myself and have absolutely NO idea what to think of it. Sorta going for an energetic Post-Hardcore sound that's somewhat poppy with electronic elements and some synth going on. I hope it's not to bad, don't kill me :P

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*Update 3/29/09

Changed the song structure just a little bit. I think I added in a little bridge to lead up to that more rhythmically complex dissonant part.

Update 3/30/09
Added in a short double bass ride on that bridge part.

Note: Here's a converted mp3 of the midi (too large to include in the attached package):


(right click on that and "Save Link As..."

I was astounded by the quality of the conversion especially since it was free and all done online. Converter I used:
Great tool/service, I'd definitely recommend it

Update 3/31/09
-Made some minor (really minor) changes
-Added some markers (very helpful for me as well, but you might have to help me out a bit on my song structure terms :P)

Update 4/6/09
My brilliant friend helped me make a couple of changes that help greatly improve parts of the song IMO.
Main changes you'll notice were:
-Bass in the chorus (less boring, more independent)
-Small change in drum rhythms in the intro breakdown
-Harmonies/accompanying guitar part at the end breakdown
-some other small things.

Keeping the mp3/wav link updated here:
The Scarecrow's Invention.zip
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I think this sounds great. B+

Maybe get an actually recording of it. If not, then maybe try some kind of Midi program other than Guitar Pro. You know, something that's a little easier on the ears, midi instrument wise.
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I actually really liked this.

I'd love to hear a full recording of this!
Some of the leads and breakdowns reminded me a bit of Parkway Drive. And a couple of the riffs reminded me a little of Alexisonfire and Fightstar.

Overall, 9/10 (:
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Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed some parts from this song since I don't ever listen to hardcore.

Riff @ Bar 17 sounds sick, very breakdown-ish and when the drums kick in at bar 25, sick! I'm not a huge fan of the overdubbed synth though, it kinda ruins the moment but that's just me.

Bar 35, you can do way better than that man, expand on the riff you had back in bar 17, to me this riff here at bar 35 ruins the song before its given a chance to take off.

Pretty generic Breakdown at bar 101, spice it up with some triplets. The drums are good though for this part, for example bar 104.

Bar 59, no comment.

Bar 77, you're trying to go for a dissonant sound but you implemented it in a poor way, but then again this is Hardcore so I have no idea what I'm talking about lol

5.5/10 overall for musicianship and creativity, 7/10 for a metalcore style song.

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Changed the song structure just a little bit. I think I added in a little bridge to lead up to that more rhythmically complex dissonant part.
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Just saying, with the way the scene is these days, if you were in a band that made music like this you're basically guaranteed success. Get a crazy screamer and autotune the clean parts and you basically Attack Attack but with better arrangements.

On to the song, I loved it. The breakdown sections are really awesome, and they work. Whats cool about this is that it keeps you hooked, theres no borning down time to this song, from the very start. Quality stuff. Good job.
^Thanks man .

And I seriously hope that day comes soon lol. I probably wouldn't rip Attack Attack! off that much even though I love their music enough to haha. I'm so happy I get to see them this weekend
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Alright, critting as I go.

First off, you should mark it ;] It makes it easier to read for us critters :]

Intro: I like the piano alot. It does have a very Post-Hardcore sound. Very... melodic yet, happy.

The part after the intro is very cliche in this music genre. It's good though. Nothing to really fault it on. Change the bass to finger! Please! xD When the synth comes in, it sounds very epic. Not bad at all. and I liked the dissonance you used to intro it.

I'm gonna assume that Bar 33 is a verse. It's really good. Reminds me alot of Paramore. Especially when the melody comes in. It's just the rhythms and everything. It is pretty cliche, but it's good.

the part at Bar 59 seems like a good pre-chorus. You have, what we call, root note syndrome with the bass. Mix it up a bit :] Though, it is better than none at all. ooh! The thing at bar 75 is a good chorus too. I like how you slowed it down.

The dissonance you use in the next part is very Post-Hardcore, TDWP, AA.. stuff like that. It sets up the next breakdown nicely though. Even though, i'm not too big a fan of it.

You should get a better rhythm for the breakdown... this one seems overused. the thing that makes it stand out is the synth melody and the guitar melody. They're very nicely done.

Back to the "Pre-chorus" at bar 170, with the dissonance transition. It was alright. It seemed a little rushed to be honest though.

the breakdown at Bar 145 is prety good. I don't like the stoppyness of the keys at 151 though... it seems like it's trying to go somewhere, but can't get there.

You're breakdowns remind me of As Blood Runs Black... like straight up. That's just what they remind me of. That's not a bad thing, but it just... does.

Overall, a pretty standard Post-Hardcore song with some good and bad in it. I usually like your use of synth during the song, but it was your guitar melodies that really took the cake. You're breakdowns seem a bit generic. Maybe mix it up by adding weird melodies over, and changing the chord progression of them? You did add a melody over one though, which made me happy.

I give it a 7/10 :]

Good job!

^Yeah, I'm marking it now. I didn't know how to before, so yeah. I'll update it once I'm done.

And thanks, I think this is the most helpful crit so far. It tells me most exactly what to change/what it sounds like to other people.

I chose picked bass because I thought a lot of bass players (especially for stuff like this) preferred it. I thought picked was easier especially for playing faster stuff. It definitely does please me to see a bassist with good fingerstyle live though.

Hmmmm... ABRB? Really?! Lol definitely not going for anything that heavy. Haven't listened to a lot of their stuff though. What I've heard is pretty dang solid.

Generic breakdowns..... lol IMO, something that can't really be helped all that much, but they do get people excited a lot haha. Oh well, I'll try my best to freshen stuff up.

I'm happy about the guitar melodies being good, because that's what I play and that's probably the thing I wanted to get right the most in here. When writing for any instrument, it REALLY helps just to know what it like... feels like to play you know? Like I also played keyboard/piano at one point, so that helped a lot. That's probably why my bass writing at many parts is just well... kinda there... nothing special.
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