So I was thinking recently.

Let's say you bought a brand new Strat, totally standard. Logo, text, everything. Now let's say you proceeded to mod the hell out of that guitar - modded it so much that the only original part is the neck, with the logo and serial number. You would still call it a real Fender Strat, and the same one too, wouldn't you?

By logic, if I buy a real Strat neck for a project - complete with logo and number - it becomes the Stratocaster that the neck left the factory attached to.

Yes? No? Opinions?
what about the body? youd need an official neck and body I'd think

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you would have to say it's a strat neck with different body, pickups, or whatever.

you can't say it's a straight up strat, cause it's definitly not a stock strat.

and there seems to be more parts that aren't strat parts....so that makes it a custom guitar with a strat neck on it I'd say.

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yeah... I'd think you could change out all the electronic and other metalic and plasticy parts etc but the neck AND body would be necessary for it to remain a Strat IMO
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It's a modded strat.

Just like my Valve Junior running no stock parts except the PCB and Power Transformer, with a 6V6 in parallel with the EL84, is a modded valve junior.

If you switch out a body, that's a little different. In that case, to save time, just name the guitar.