I have been working lately on trying to get more consistancy on the pitch of my pinch harmonics. Ocassionaly while playing more of a complicated riff I try and do it and i can't pull it off every time. I can pull them off whilst not playing a riff but when i try and do it off the spot they never really ring through.
Any advice on the matter?
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I have been for around a year now and it hasn't improved.

Practice some more then.

EDIT: If you think you're doing it right, then there's no problem.
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It'll help if the guitar is properly set up and stuff. And some guitars just seem to be able to do pinch harmonics better than others too..

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try it near a pickup
thats where the sweet spots for the harmonics are usually

Yep, just move your pick hand around. Usually the dead spots are fairly easy to find.
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And you're right

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