I have been playing acoustic for the past couple months and have been practicing like hell. I am wanting to broaden my horizons a little and be able to play some different kinds of music. Anything from White Stripes to Arcade Fire to The Hold Steady to Bruce Springsteen, no heavy metal. I don't know how much I want to spend, probably about $500-$700 amp and guitar. I would like to buy the guitar new, but I'm gonna check out used also. I'd rather buy the amp used.

I've checked out the MIM Teles and Strats and like those, but am not sure which would better suit the style of music. I like the teles more, but is it as versatile? Anything structurally I should be looking out for on these guitars when I check them out? What should I look for as far as the amps? I know next nothing about them and I do not trust people at music stores so I turn to you wise folk
I thinks a HSS strat would suit you very well.
And MIM strats are around 500€-600€.
In dollars probably the same.
And some are even better than american ones.
So I really suggest you one of those.
Oh...you need an amp for that money as well.
Then maybe get an used MIM for $300 and some amp.
Maybe Roland Cube or something.
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