ok so im a month or so off starten to build my guitar as my major project for yr11
i have a solid slab of mahogany at school and i have a few questions.( on a little bit of a budget and theres gonna be some dum questions cos i dont wana f*** it up)

wether to go a single humbucker like an lp jr.
what scale to use.
what pick ups/up to use.
how to finish it.

and if any ones got any design ideas that would be cool i was thkinkin maybe a les paul or a flying V.

1: What music you play, its probably better to have more than 1 pickup unless your just shredding
2: What ever feel comfortable to you
3: Question 1
4: What do you want it to look like?

I would say Les Paul, cause they're fucking mad
Pickups are totally up to you, just make you route the body accurately for them. Sure just one is ok, but why wouldnt you put 2? Possibly EMGs or Seymour Duncans (hums)
Neck, well I suggest you buy a ready neck.
Finish, check the painting thread for tutorials.
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cool thanks im going to get the dimensions for the wood tomorro at school so i can work out the scale and i know i old guy that makes necks out of native australian woods and was wondering wether the wood u use for the neck affects the tone?
yeah im gonna see if i can have a play of one of the guitars he has made and see how the neck feels and how the whole guitar sounds.
na i think it would be to hard n scince its a school project i dont think i would have the time. but how hard are they to make?
Not much harder than a body at all really.

All those questions in the OP are decisions you have to make based on your preferences and playing style, sorry but this thread is a little pointless

If you had said 'what scale length should I use because I want a warm Gibson tone' then I would have said 24,75"

or 'what scale length because I want clarity ala Fender' then 25.5" or higher.

Be a little more specific.

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wether to go a single humbucker like an lp jr. -- I'm a big neck pickup fan and also get a lot of use from the split position so I'd go with at least two pickups.

what scale to use. -- That's easy. Decide what production guitar you're most comforable with and duplicate the scale.

what pick ups/up to use. -- Very subjective. There are tons of great pickups to choose from depending on the money you want to spend. Most common are the Duncans and they sound good for most types of music. The JB-bridge/Jazz-neck combo is very versatile. EMGs do what they do very well but don't have the ability to sweeten up like the Duncans. So you'd be giving up some versatility.

As far as design... The SG would be a nice project. Compatable with the mahogany and adaptable to a bolt-on neck design. Good upper fret access. Overall light weight but a little neck heavy. How about a mahogany, dual hummer, Strat? Dual hummer Tele? The Tele would be the easiest body to build. Straight edges and no bevels... just a little routing for the control cavity, pickups and neck pocket.

how to finish it. -- If the grain is nice I'd go natural. Just a personal preference though.

The neck is the most detailed part of the build and requires a lot of specific tools and jigs. You may want to buy a neck this time around and make it a bolt-on so you have a bit more adjustment in case you don't get the angles quite right.