Before I buy a set of wall hangers for my guitar, I need to know: Will it damage my guitars neck, put added stress on the guitar or damage the guitars performance at all?

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i've used 'em for years and still haven't noticed any change in my guitars from them.
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I've been wondering the same thing actually. So, if I put my guitars on the wall, they won't be harmed in any way and are safe like that ( minus the chance of falling of course, that wont be a problem though, I'll put them as secure as I can...)
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i have 2 of the hercules ones and all im concerned about is the wall holding up a 12lb bass

the only issue is that due to the shape of my jazz bass's headstock more of the weight was one one of the contact points and it went a little bit black

i'd imagine gaffa tape will solve that though
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just make sure when your mounting it to your wall that you screw into a stud, and if your worried about not hitting a stud, fork out $20 for a stud finder.
But if you know that your wall has metal studs, you gonna have to rip off a piece of drywall where your gonna want to hang the mount, and beef up the area by screwing in some narly 4x4's.
if you need more help about mounting, PM me dude.
I made my ones out of 1/2" dowel, angle set into 8ft of 4"x 3/4" thick panel and screwed that 3" deep into concrete at 6" centres. Holds seven guitars until daughter swings on one of them.
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I would make sure you read the reviews first BEFORE you buy. I heard of some hangers that kill your guitar's finish.
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