what kind of a sound are you looking for? the highway one tele i think would sound more like a typical tele, which is completely fine. however the ja-90 maybe would sound more like a classic sg except with more bite and snap
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Ah I see, I'm a bit of a pickup noob, so what exactly ARE p90s?

And what about playability and price?
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p90s are single coils originally made by gibson. They have much more bite and growl than your usual fender style single coils and r also usually very fat sounding. Most modern gibsons have humbukcers which are normally more dark sounding. as the p90s r single coils u will get some hum from them just as any other single coil. i havent played this guitar but i would assume that the playability would b great as it is a fender signature model and the sound as the other guy said would b more like an sg but with more bite and snap and also because it is hollow it would get the boost in midrange and sustain from the semi hollow body. this would not get your classic fender sound but more of a gibson/fender hybrid