Along with my power metal band I'm gonna make a black metal solo project (everyone wants one )
So I need advice on writing some riffs that fit the style
main influences: Venom, Bathory and all the 90s Norweigan stuff like Darkthrone and CF

it depends what type of black metal your after. Bathory and Venom are very different to Darkthrone
mostly nordic stuff like DarkThrone really, the only reason i mentioned bathory and venom as influences is 'cause they're proto-BM. Musically it's gonna be more noridc

that help you?
We can't tell you how to write black metal songs.

YOU listen to black metal, YOU find out whats typical for the genre.
unmuted power chords, tremolo picking, lots of dissonances, crank that distortion up full and always play with the bridge pick up
^thanks forthe advice
and to the ferret guy i simply wanna know what characterises (sp?) the guitaring style of nordic BM, i dont want people to wrote my riffs for me :P:
I originally posted this in a Grindcore thread... but whatev.

My tip? The whole-half and Half-whole diminished scales, the consist of alternating half and whole steps, as indicated by the name, if you don't want to go figure them out yourself, in E, they'd be... E-F-G-G#-Ab-B-C#-D-E, for half-whole and E-F#-G-A-Bb-C-C#-D#-E for whole-half.

They're used in alot of modern metal, especially BM, also in some jazz, so unless you're careful, you'll have jazzBM. Anyways, something neat about both scales is they're a repeating pattern, this pattern repeats every 3 frets, a minor third, so if you played a riff in one part of the scale, it'd be in key if you took it up three frets, this is extremely usefull, as moving in minor thirds is very dark sounding, and this also allows you to have a two guitar harmony where the second guitar plays everything a minor third higher.

A good way to use these scales is say, play an ascending riff in one of the scales, then playing a desending riff in the other of the two. Also, use plenty of tritones, and switching from consonant to dissonant chords, for example, playing Emaj then Bbdim, with another guitarist riffing over that, it works real nice.
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I originally posted this in a Grindcore thread... but whatev.

he doesnt know what any of that means, see his thread 'nooby scale questions'

EDIT: I dont mean to sound like an ass either, I've asked my share of questions myself.
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i've always found pop to be harder to play than metal... especially shred metal... it's just really fast tremolo picking and the occasional palm mute... and the only chords you have to worry about are power chords...
Make sure you play it with the worst amp you can get your hands off, record it with the cheapest laptop mic you can get, and detune your guitar beforehand.