I am thinking about replacing my neck pickup from my sg to a gibson p90. but I want it to be more trebly than bassy. are p90s trebly? I want single coils to make this a more versatile guitar...I was thinking of getting a fender telecaster, but it would cost a lot more than replaceing the pickup..

also how much does it cost to actually install the pickup and how long does it take? I would be doing it at guitar center.
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p90's aren't really that trebly, they're more smooth and mellow. It might be better getting some kind of straight up fender-style single coil.
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how about the p94s then?
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
Is the P94 the Humbucker fitting one? See, a P90 is wider and slimmer than a 'bucker and it won't be a nice fit. I know this 'cos I did it on one of my guitars with a DiMarzio soap bar. Actually, that might suit you best as you can coil tap it for a brighter sound or have it full for a strong bluesy mellowness.
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p90s are still very "gibsony", even though they're single coils. if you're after fender-style single coil tones, you're likely to be dissapointed...
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