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you got the wrong guitar really, try bridge pickup, fair bit of treble and average mids and bass, also put it on the clean channel and crank the amp up so it saturates.

Crank a 33W tube amp in my bedroom?

And true, the guitar might not be a great fit for the style, but it's the only one I have at the moment. I'll try the EQ settings you suggested. Would coil-tapping either of the pickups help?
I got the Crate v18 1x12, so I'm figuring the controls are probably pretty similar and what I would recommend is the gain set around 5-6, and then turn the volume down on the guitar a little while the bridge pup is selected. The biggest key is playing with the guitar volume, and the gain on the amp. You pretty much just need to play around with that and try and get a feel for what is best. I'd eq it with the treble around 6-8, mid from 4-6, and bass from 5-7. But that is for my strat so I don't really know how I'd do it with the schecter cause it's pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum as far as solid bodies go.
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