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Me and my band just need to help with how to record.
my band has a Drummer, x1 Guitar, Bass and Vocals
heres our stuff you need to know about
-acoustic drums
-basic small mixer with 4 inputs
-basic $80 vocal microphone
-x2 $20 microphones
-We are recording with Garage Band
-Guitar amp
-Bass amp
Just a few questions...

1. Best way of recording drums?
Whats the best way to record drums with a one good vocal mic and 2 cheap ones?

2. What do we record first?
I've heard drums first but how do we go about doing that?
Does the band just play with the drummer so he knows where he is?
Or does he just play by himself or something?

3. If we do record drums first. Do we play the drum recordings through head phones for the bass player and guitarist?

4. Should we try and record everything at once?
record everything but vocals at once?

5. Some other good hints and tips? mastering? Links?

Thanks for your help
Jared R. Boyd
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Your going to need an interface first off.
If you want to do drums 8 mics would be prefered but im guessing your on a budget so you can def do it with the three you have.
Make sure the interface you get has at least 3 inputs (prolly means at least 4 or 8)
^Something along those lines. Give me a budget and we can refine the search.

Also. your going to want to read this

Record all instruments seperate. (if need be you can do a single mic in the room with everyone playing as a tempo track) If your recording the drummer should know where he is in the song! however if he doesnt, make some signs that say "verse" or "chorus" or whatever need be then hold them up when your a bar away from that part of the song.

If you have more questions, or can narrow budget and whatnot down let me know