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ive played guitar for six years now and have learned all the zeppelin solos, except heartbreaker, i want some more solos to learn so i can use them to improv in my own songs. any help?
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learn Deep Purple solos

Highway Star is a good one to start with

edit: early Judas Priest solos are pretty good too, songs like Tyrant, Starbreaker, and Raw Deal
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Pink Floyd, among lots of others.
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Deep Purple, AC/DC has some good simple solos, Blue Oyster Cult fosho, uhh there's tons
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ive learned many classic rock solos like ac/dc aerosmith, i want to learn something not as well known

i like montrose but there are no tabs for any of their solos
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the eagles (not just hotel california) have tons of hooks, solos, and and outros that sound fabulous. Same case with the allman brothers.
Dire straits have some good stuff, so does jj cale. Neil young, cortez the killer is chock-full of badass solos
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Mahavishnu Orchestra
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Try some of Hendrix's later stuff, Machine gun and the like, great for improv.
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How could you learn every Zeppelin song EXCLUDING Heartbreaker? That's the most one...unless it's just too difficult...
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How about anything by Cream, Derek and the Dominoes AKA Eric Clapton.

Or Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic.

Taxman by the Beatles

While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles (Clapton).

"Comfortably Numb", "Time" - Pink Floyd

Dire Straits- "Sultans of Swing"

Turn on your local classic rock station lol.
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You are telling me you have learned EVERY SINGLE zeppelin solo, apart from Heartbreaker?

Either you are fibbing, or you really have no life.
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Every band from 1968-1992 had good solos, im more interested now days in trying to find bands that have good lead instruments BESIDES a guitar
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Anything Ritchie blackmore, or Dave Gilmour or Tony Iommi.

For blackmore, try machine head, Rainbow rising, or long live rock n'roll
For gilmour, look up Animals.
For Iommi, check Out heaven and hell, and Mob Rules.

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Well, there's a ton of stuff to choose from.

Personally, some of my favorite solos are Pearl Jam. Like, Alive or Go. Oh, Yellow Ledbetter.

There's also some stuff that's just plain magnificent, like Highway Star by Deep Purple or Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. Sultans of Swing, Dire Straits. Hot For Teacher, Van Halen.
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Learn some Steely Dan solos, like Bodhisattva or Reelin' In The Years, and even just learning the changes to the jazzier Steely Dan will improve your playing a lot.

But if you really want to expand your soloing repertoire, you must listen to jazz and you must play solos that were not originally played on a guitar.
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jimi hendrix Spanish castle magic

Rolling stones Cant you hear me knockin

jimi hendrix killing floor maybe (live at monterey)